Amenity Suites
Denver CO One LLC
Denver, Colorado

This is the project page for Amenity Suites Denver CO One LLC, which is developing an Amenity Suites location in Denver, Colorado.  The Development Partner for this project is Healy Advisors.

Introduction to Amenity Suites
Amenity Suites was created by Jason Van Sickle, who started his career as a research analyst.  Jason's path to developing Amenity Suites is a journey that spans two decades - from a college student studying statistical analysis to Founder of Amenity Suites.  It is a journey that includes cross-disciplinary studies, 60,000 pages of research and analysis, and 47,000 miles of insights.

Amenity Suites is on a mission to build the first national apartment brand - focused on developing lower cost, higher quality, amenity rich, live/stay/work communities.  Our model is unique, because most apartment developers focus on luxury apartments to get the highest rents, or they use government subsidies to earn profits on low-income housing.  Our financial model focuses on creating high quality housing for the average renter.

Project Overview
Amenity Suites Denver CO One LLC is a company that will develop and own an Amenity Suites location in Denver, Colorado.  The project is presently in the Project Planning Phase, which is focused on finding investors and choosing a site.  The proposed project is based on the standard Amenity Suites prototype, which includes the construction of 210 units.  The project is expected to include the typical Amenity Suites amenities - guest (hotel) units, 24-hour fitness center, 24-hour coworking center, 24-hour convenience store, pet care center, pet park, outdoor grilling and dining, and a community pool.

Development Outline
Development Partner Healy Advisors
Target Project Budget* $39,483,617
Planned Start Date* 11/1/2023
Estimated Construction* 12 months
Number of Units* 210
Number of Apartments* 198
Number of Hotel Rooms* 12
Number of Buildings* 4
% of Capital from Cash* 40%
Targeted Cash Investment* $15,793,447
Targeted Project ROI*
Targeted Investor ROI*

The Project Plan
Every Amenity Suites project is unique, because each market and location is different.  Therefore, it is important to do a detailed analysis of every project.  That is why Amenity Suites project planning starts with our 50+ page Project Plan.

The Project Plan is a "living document" that constantly evolves throughout the project.  The Project Plan is continuously updated as the project gains more precise data from the design team (architect and engineers) and the construction team (contractor and subcontractors).  That allows the owner-partners (the developer, the development partner, and finance partner) to track changes and stay informed.

Before joining a project, potential investors can view a sample of the Project Plan.  The sample Project Plan is specific to this project, but it is the initial (rough draft) version of the Project Plan, and it is not updated as the project moves forward.  Once investors join the project, then they gain access to a "live" version of the Project Plan, which includes ongoing updates.

Click the following link, to download the sample Project Plan for this project: