Privacy Policy
Updated January 25, 2023 (the “Website”) is dedicated to protecting the personal information of its visitors (the “Users”).  The Website is owned by Housing Crowdfund LLC (the "Company"), which is a software and technology company providing a platform (the “Platform”) that allows real estate developers (the “Developers”) to exchange information with individuals who may be investors or potential investors (the “Investors”).  To protect the information provided by Users, the Company has created and implemented the following Privacy Policy with regard to the use of the Website and/or Platform.

This Privacy Policy discloses the information that is collected by the Website and/or Platform and how the Company uses that information.  That includes any requests for personal information.  This Privacy Policy also explains what we do to protect Users' personal information through our Security Policy.
Collected Information
The Website and Platform collect personal information from Users when Users visit the Website and/or Platform.  The majority of personal information that is collected is collected when Users register with the Website to create a login account.  When logged in, any information that is submitted by Users during User visits to the Website will be collected.

Names and email address of Users who contact the Company will also be collected.  Information regarding any form submissions received from the Website and/or Platform, or emails received by the Company, are collected for the purpose of responding to inquiries.  That information may be stored in order to document the Company's correspondence with Users.
Developer Financial Data
All of the data that Developers submit to the Website and/or Platform is saved.  That data is used to create postings with the Developer's information.  The data is also stored for archival purposes.  Once submitted, the data may be used by the Company for research and analysis.
Investor Data
All of the personal data that Investors submit to the Website and/or Platform is saved.  That data is used to create Investor profiles.  The data is also stored for archival purposes.  Once submitted, the data may be used by the Company for research and analysis.
Non-Identifiable Data
The Website may send one or more “cookies” (the “Cookies”) to your computer during your visits to the Website.  Cookies can store site preferences and other information on your computer, and they are used to keep track of your activity on the Website.  All information collected by Cookies is stored as encrypted data.  The information stored as Cookies does not include your personal information.  Setting your browser to prevent cookies or declining to use Cookies can cause reduced Website functionality.

Website service providers may also collect data on your use of the Website and/or Platform and the pages you visit.  That information may include your IP (Internet Protocol) Address, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and information about you browser.  It may also include tracking the pages you visit, how often you visit those pages, when you visited the pages (dates and times), the page that brought you to the website, and the page you visit when you leave the website.  In addition to Cookies, the data may be collected using page tags, web beacons, and other tools.  Regardless of the tool that is used, the information does not include personal information.
Third-Party Information Sharing
The Company may work with third-party service providers that provide services like electronic payments.  The Company may also contract with third-party service providers to perform accounting, client, and marketing services.  Any data shared with these third-party service providers will only be shared in order to process transactions that are initiated by the User.  All third-party service providers that engage in User initiated transactions are required to keep User information private and secure.

User information will be provided to government agencies, like law enforcement, when such compliance is required by law.  The Company also retains the right to disclose a User's personal information when it is deemed necessary by the Company to protect the Company from liability resulting from third-party legal claims.
Communications from the Website
From time to time, the Company will send Users notification.  Some account settings may offer the option to opt out of certain notifications.  Other notifications may be necessary for account maintenance and compliance with Website policies.  The Company retains the right to choose what communications are necessary, and signing up as a User provides the Company with the right to send communications.  Those communications may include requests for feedback.  Responses to any requests for feedback are strictly voluntary.
Links to External Sites
The Website may contain links to external sites.  Following those links is the choice of the User.  Once a User leaves the Website, then the Websites Privacy Policy does not apply to the use of the external website.  The Privacy Policy only applies to the use of pages on the Website.  The Company has no control over the Privacy Policies of external websites.
Security Policy
The Company maintains certain safeguards to protect the personal information of Users.  That includes secure logins and the storage of User account information in password protected databases.  It also includes procedures that require User authentication before accessing personal information in a Users profile.  That authentication will typically involve the use of the Users login information (username and password) to gain access to a User's personal information.

If the Company learns of a security breach to any system that includes the personal information of Users, then the Company will attempt to notify Users via email with the steps needed to reset the User password and any other steps that are needed to safeguard User information.

Users are required to protect their login and password information.  If a User discovers their login and password for the Website have been compromised, then the User agrees to contact the Website immediately to report the compromise and to reset their password.  To protect their account information, Users should sign out of their account before leaving the site and/or closing their browser.

To protect Users from fraudulent attempts to gain access to Users' account information, the Company will never send Users an email asking for login information.  If any such email is received, the User should notify the Company of the phishing attempt immediately.  The Company will also never send an email with a link asking the User to follow the link in order to log onto the Website.  It is important to check the URL of any link in any communication claiming to be from the Website and/or Company to make sure that the link begins with or